Ngardara means sun in our language

We are harnessing the sun to re-power our community and homelands, keeping Country healthy for future generations.

Who We Are

Ngardara Cooperative is a First Nations community-controlled organisation representing the Borroloola community. Its purpose is the improvement of energy security for households and the wider community through access to lower cost, more reliable renewable energy.

With support from Original Power and its Clean Energy Communities Project, Ngardara Cooperative completed a detailed feasibility study in 2022 and project partners are now working together to drive the transition plan from reliance on diesel power to renewable energy for the Borroloola community and surrounding homelands in 2023.

Project partner Original Power is an Aboriginal organisation with extensive experience developing community-owned projects. Original Power is partnering with the Aboriginal community of Borroloola through a collaboration agreement to deliver the solar farm and BESS for Borroloola. The Project is also supported by partners with extensive experience in developing, delivering and financing community capacity building and infrastructure projects.

Our Directors


Conrad Rory

Conrad Rory - Chair Person

James Roper - Director

Joy Priest

Joy Priest Finlay - Director

Elizabeth ‘Buffy’ Gillett - Director

Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor - Director

Scott McDinny - Director

Dr Alan Langworthy

Dr Alan Langworthy, Independent Director and Technical Advisor

Alan is a power systems consultant with decades of experience developing renewable energy projects, microgrids and innovative power control system technology within the Northern Territory, Australia and internationally. He has advised both Federal and Territory Governments on renewable energy policy, and been awarded the Clunies Ross Medal from the Australian Academy of Technological Science and Engineering; for the “application of science and technology for the economical, social and environmental benefit of Australia”. This prestigious award recognized a life-time commitment by Alan to renewable energy solutions and in particular the integration of generation plant in isolated micro grids.