Ngardara means sun in our language

We are harnessing the sun to re-power our community and homelands, keeping Country healthy for future generations.

Lights on for our first new standalone solar on Borroloola homelands

Solar power is already changing lives for Borroloola families, with our Solar Homelands Project.

A feasibility study prepared with the support of our development partners Original Power and Ekistica shows that solar and battery storage could replace diesel generators on ten priority Borroloola homelands by the end of 2024. The power upgrades would save residents across these ten homelands over $200,000 per year on diesel, and create skilled local jobs in electrical and construction.

The first of the Borroloola homelands to benefit from the project’s solar and battery installation is Twenty Mile, with a new standalone power system being switched on by the Anderson family in April 2023.

Billy Anderson, a Garrwa man, pastoralist and father of eleven from Twenty Mile outstation said:

“Since having solar installed on my outstation we’ve been able to run School of the Air for the kids without a generator for the first time in their lifetime. Its really changed the way they learn and made it possible for our family to have a future here on our homeland. We’re looking forward to seeing them grow up on country here now, without the negative influences of town, with all the power we need to run a healthy home”

For those that have benefited from the early Bushlight program with solar and batteries, these systems have worked well for close to twenty years, but now many are nearing end of life and the cost of replacement is too high for residents to afford.

Ngardara and Original Power are working hard to raise funds for the next round of homelands solar. With support from Mabunji Aboriginal Resource Centre we will be rolling more of these power systems out starting in Dry season 2024.

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